Mendlesham Pre-school
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Term dates

Summer Term 2018

Tues 17 Apr to Tues 24 July

(Closed Mon 7 May - May Day)

Half Term: Mon 28 May to Mon 4 June

(Closed Mon 4 June)

Autumn Term 2018

Mon 10 Sept to Wed 19 Dec
Half Term: Mon 22 Oct to Fri 26 Oct

Spring Term 2019
Thur 3 Jan to Fri 5 April
Half Term: Mon 18 Feb to Fri 22 Feb

Summer Term 2019
Wed 24 April to Wed 24 July

Half Term: Mon 27 May to Fri 31 May


Gardening Club Every alternative Thursday afternoon.

Cookery Club Every Tuesday morning

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Trips, events and activities

During the year, we organise a variety of trips and may also have visitors who talk to the children. These range from trips to the local woods to hunt for Easter eggs or visiting wildlife centres to visits from local policemen or dental nurses.

There is an annual summer outing to the seaside that is always popular with the children as well as a Christmas party (last year this was held at Monsters in Diss).


To be arranged.

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