Mendlesham Pre-school
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A day in the life of Mendlesham Pre-school

You will always be greeted at the door by one of the Pre-school staff. There are named coat pegs for hanging your child’s things. The children are then encouraged to come in and sit down for registration. This is a chance for the staff to talk them through the day’s activities, talk about the weather, days of the week or any other news the children would like to share.

Both morning and afternoon sessions consist of both staff and child-led activities. The children can choose what they would like to do – from play dough, water or sand, craft activities or active toys to books, puzzles, prams and dolls, cars or animals.

There is a snack time in both sessions where children are given either milk or water and fruit – usually a biscuit too. Please let us know if your child has dietary requirements.

We also find time for stories, outdoor play, singing, cooking and gardening.

You will find by the time you pick up your child at the end of the session, they have had an activity filled day and are full of news to tell you!

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